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The VHS Difference

Online learning should engage and inspire students to learn about the subject matter of their course while fostering independent learning skills they can use to prepare them for college, careers, and life. We've heard the negative press about online learning including a lack of qualified teachers, boring subject matter, lack of support, and even some state virtual charter schools taking state funds from school sytems. These poor qualities lead to lack of motivation and passion in students and lower success rates. As a non-profit, VHS Learning is driven by student success, not profits, therefore we provide active qualified and passionate teachers, engaging subject matter, and around the clock support.

  • Qualified Teachers

Online courses offered by for-profit providers tend to have high student-to-teacher ratios, unqualified, and uninterested teachers. This leads to issues for students ranging from boredom to an inability to understand material. As a non-profit, VHS Learning prioritizes student learning over profit. VHS Learning students access qualified teachers in every course, helping them succeed in class.

Small Class Sizes

VHS Learning averages a 21:1 student to teacher ratio to allow personal attention and quality feedback. Teachers are trained to be responsive and timely, and to facilitate thoughtful discussions in their online classrooms.

Fully Trained Teachers

All VHS Learning teachers complete our rigorous graduate-level training program, Online Teaching Methodologies, and are paired with an experienced mentor for their first year of teaching online.

High Touch Support

Every VHS Learning student has a private, personal discussion thread to ask questions, and their teacher responds within 24 hours M-F. VHS Learning Technical Support also responds within 24 hours M-F.


  • Interactive Learning

VHS Learning courses include interactive lessons, group projects, hands-on labs, class discussions, and private chats for students to connect directly with their teacher. Interaction between students, and student and teacher are critical to promoting deeper learning. To learn more about our collaborative course model, click the link below to download our article written by our Dean, Amy Michalowski, about our approach.

Download the Article


  • Fully Supported Students

VHS Learning is dedicated to student support. Each phone call to our office connects you to a person. Teachers are actively involved in their courses and respond to students within 24 hours M-F. Requests for technology support can be submitted at any time and are also responded to within 24 hours M-F.

“We got so much support, help and interaction from "virtual" teachers, that I was amazed. Every aspect of it was positive, and the instructors went above and beyond their responsibilities to engage my son." - Linda Gatz, Parent of Summer School Student

  • Non-Profit Organization

We do not operate as a school district, state-funded agency, or for-profit business. We play a unique role as a non-profit helping all types of schools expand their course offerings, add scheduling flexibility, meet graduation requirements, and fill staffing gaps. Collaboration is the key to our success at VHS Learning. Over the years we have partnered with many organizations to provide online learning to schools locally and around the world.

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