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Survey Results and Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it. In our latest survey, 88% of superintendents and principals who responded said they were satisfied or very satisfied with their school's VHS experience. Additionally, 92% of partner schools from the previous academic year continued to participate this year.



According to our 2016-2017 annual survey, most superintendents and principals choose to enroll their schools in VHS to widen the variety of courses available to their students.

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"As a teacher in Boston for many years and now a principal in Lowell, I have taken a number of content and instructional-based courses.  The quality of the readings and the discussions in the VHS course were on par with some of the best I have taken over the years."

- Matthew Stahl, Middle School Principal at Lowell Public Schools

“I find the VHS best practices seem to be ahead of my professional development at my face-to-face school. I enjoy teaching a level that could not be offered in my small school, and I love the opportunities and variety that VHS brings to my small town school.”

- 2017 Teacher Survey

"We got so much support, help and interaction from "virtual" teachers, that I was amazed.  Every aspect of it was positive, and the instructors went above and beyond their responsibilities to engage my son."

- Linda Gatz, Parent

Student Feedback

“I liked being able to take classes that my school does not offer and being able to communicate with people around the country.”

- 2017 Student Survey

”I liked that I had the flexibility to do work during times when it was best for me.”

- 2017 Student Survey

"I have really enjoyed my experience taking a VHS course, thanks to many amazing resources and programs. Because of VHS I was able to skip ahead to the grade I belong in and still graduate with all the required credits."

- Flex Student

"I don't think most of the class even knew that I had any special needs. The teacher knew about my accommodations and helped us figure ways to do things so that I didn't feel any different than I think any of the other kids felt. That was really great for a change!"

- Mariah, Summer School Student