Welcome to The Virtual High School

Superintendent and Principal Survey Results

Why VHS? Superintendents Principals
Scheduling flexibility* 80% 69%
Access to a large variety of courses* 80% 88%
Access to more elective or highly specialized courses* 63% 64%
We want our students to have experience with online courses to better prepare for college 40% 30%
Access to courses for gifted and talented students 27% 40%
Access to more academically rigorous courses 23% 38%
So our students and teachers can develop 21st century skills through online learning 23% 19%
Opportunity to learn with other students around the world and develop citizenship skills 20% 22%
Overall VHS benefit for cost 20% 19%
Access to core courses 10% 9%
To help students decide on college majors and careers 10% 8%
Access to credit recovery courses 3% 13%
Access to summer school courses 10% 7%
Our district/school requires students take an online course 0% 2%
Other (please specify) 10% 4%