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We're proud of our 25 year history!

Educators - more than 6,000 strong - have developed online and blended teaching best practices through VHS Learning online training program.

"Online Teaching Methodologies gave me strategies for how to teach online and create a more student-centered class. I learned a lot about how to balance my online class with my face-to-face class based on discussions among all the teachers in the course." Arielle Gereboff Teacher San Diego Jewish Academy

Students - more than 160,000 enrollments since our start - have been engaged, inspired, and educated in VHS Learning online middle school and high school courses.


Schools - more than 600 - use VHS Learning to expand the instruction they can offer to students. Through VHS Learning's unique collaborative model, schools are able to give students more options. VHS Learning partners closely with schools so students can stay enrolled within their local school districts but also have the flexibility they need to meet their own instructional goals.

"From day one, VHS Learning has been a wonderful partner and they continue to be . . . With their assistance we were able to create and maintain a cost-effective way for this to work for our districts, something we could have never done before. If it weren't for them, our kids wouldn't have the opportunities they do now." - Mona Baker, Executive Director, WMEC