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Online Judaic Studies Courses (OJSC)

Powered by VHS Learning, OJSC is transforming the way students learn.

We offer students in public, private, and Jewish day and supplemental schools the opportunity to expand their learning in the area of Judaic studies.

Courses are taught online and connect students from around the world in global classrooms. OJSC courses cover topics such as: Tanakh, Rabbinic Literature, Jewish History, Israel, Contemporary Jewish Issues, and Jewish Thought. Schools, teachers, and students collaborate within the OJSC!

  • Courses are developed and taught by highly qualified Jewish studies teachers that participate in VHS Learning.
  • Schools who use OJSC add innovative cost-effective online Judaic studies courses to their school’s program of studies.
  • Students learn with peers from schools around the world in an exciting online format that gives them scheduling flexibility.

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