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Jewish Identity and Community in Context

Course Developed by Yonatan Rosner
de Toledo High School

In this course, students will explore the many layers that make up their Jewish identity and the identity expressed by Jews in communities around the world. They will view Jewish identity through a personal lens and through the lens of the surroundings in which that identity is expressed. Biblical and Rabbinic texts are the starting point for the conversation about Jewish identity. Students will develop biblical textual skills and survey a broad spectrum of Rabbinic literary genres in their exploration of the themes of individual and communal Jewish identity.


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Yonatan Rosner is the Co-Director of Jewish Life at de Toledo High School where he has been working for the past ten years. He earned a double BA in Cognitive Science and Jewish Philosophy, as well as, an MA in Jewish Education from Hebrew University and an MBA from California State University Northridge. In 2013, Yonatan was chosen as one of five Jewish educators from across the country to receive the Pomegranate Prize award by The Covenant Foundation. His professional achievements are based on the following core competencies: strategic planning, collaborative leadership, educational technology, curriculum design, and mentoring of both teachers and students.

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