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Introduction to Jewish History: 1700-Modern Israel

Course Developed by Dr. Matt ReingoldTanenbaum CHAT

Introduction to Jewish History: 1700-Modern Israel represents the second semester of a full-year exploration of major events in the history of the Jewish people. The course continues our study of Jewish history with the Jewish experience in France during the late 1700s and early 1800s. Other topics include the Jewish experience in Eastern Europe throughout the 1800s, the history of emigration to the United States, the Holocaust, Zionism and the Birth of Israel. Students will be challenged to weave together Jewish history, so often impacted by outside forces and shaped as a result of these forces. Given the many centuries of rich, complicated Jewish history, this survey course will not cover all aspects of Jewish history. Rather, it will offer students the “big picture” of some of the key themes and events. The course is designed to help students increase their historical literacy and ability to make meaning from historical events.

This course will require 2.5 hours of student work each week.

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Dr. Reingold has been teaching at Tanenbaum CHAT in Toronto since 2008. He teaches Jewish History, Jewish Philosophy and Tanakh and coaches several sports teams at the school. Dr. Reingold was a student at a Reform Jewish day school and a community Jewish high school and spent some time learning in yeshivot in Israel. He recently finished his Doctorate in Education at York University in Toronto and was a Wexner Graduate Fellow. 

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