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History Makers of Israel

Course Developed by: Tami Stalbow
Westchester Hebrew High School

Whether you are a great leader or an ordinary citizen, each of us has a part to play in the creation of human history. History does not simply “happen.” Rather, history is created by the choices and actions of individuals. This course will explore the backgrounds and contributions of some key people who have played a major role in creating the history of the modern State of Israel. By learning about these history makers, we will gain insight into the historical timeline and progression from pre-statehood to Israel today. We will learn about the dreamers - those visionary individuals who could only imagine a Jewish national homeland; the founders who each had their own unique origin, motivations and legacies; and the trailblazers - pioneers who worked the land, formed defense groups, and opened schools and hospitals.

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Ms. Stalbow is the Executive Director at Westchester Hebrew H.S., in Mamaroneck, NY, and she also teaches Hebrew language. Prior to working in the Yeshiva high school world, she designed educational study tours to destinations including Israel, Europe, and South America. Ms. Stalbow has served as The VHS Site Coordinator at WHHS for five years, helping students navigate the world of online learning. She notes that “not only do online learners study great course material; they also gain important life skills like time management, prioritizing, establishing relationships with teachers, and more. These are vital skills for students as they head off to college and beyond.”

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