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Online Credit Recovery

With many options to choose from, our credit recovery program helps students at risk of failing a course, not graduating with their class, or not advancing to the next grade level.

Flexible Courses

A selection of 0.5 and 1 credit online courses that can begin mid-semester and are self-paced, teacher-facilitated classes. Students progress through the coursework at their own pace taking as much or as little time as needed to complete their Flex course.* 

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Summer Courses 

Our 4 & 8-week Summer School courses can also be taken for credit recovery. Courses are instructor-led and students follow a weekly schedule. Seventy-five percent of students who previously failed a course passed it with VHS Learning Summer School. Courses are offered starting annually in June and are NCAA approved.

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Customized Offerings

We can help design, manage and facilitate credit recovery courses exclusively for your school. Learn more

Fall and Spring Courses

Leverage our 15 week courses offered in the Fall and Spring to recover credit. Choose from over 200 courses. View our full catalog

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If you are looking for options in times of natural disaster or health concerns, please visit:

Online Learning During School Closures

Earning Credit

Individual schools determine credit eligibility for VHS Learning courses. Students who enroll in a credit recovery course independent of their school are responsible for determining whether their school will grant them the credit.

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*Self-paced courses can be completed earlier than the anticipated end date or, students can take up to 15 weeks to complete their class if extra time is needed.