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OJSC Courses

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OJSC offers the following exciting courses, taught by highly qualified Jewish educators:

Offered Fall & Spring Offered Fall
A Look at Contemporary Israel through the Eyes of Tanakh In Search of a Better Future: The Jewish Immigrant Experience in the U.S.
Experiencing Jewish Texts and Identity through the Arts Introduction to Jewish History: Second Temple-1700
Introduction to Jewish Life Offered Spring
Introduction to Jewish Texts Ancient Jewish History
Making Prayer My Own: Finding Meaning in the Siddur Preparing for College Life: The Complexities of Jewish Identity and Israel
Modern Jewish Short Stories Introduction to Jewish History: 1700-Modern Israel
Mussar: Practical Ethics for Living a Meaningful Life  
Pairs in the Tanakh  
Responsibility and Restitution: Perek HaChovel (Advanced Talmud)  

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Asynchronous Learning Program Funding

Special funding is available for Jewish Day Schools through the Jewish Education Innovation Challenge.

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Other Judaic Studies Opportunities

VHS Learning also offers the ability to host a private or custom offering of the selection of courses below. Please contact an OJSC Representaive to learn about offering one of these or one of our regular semester offerings as a custom offering.

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