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Suzanne Harlow

Director of School Partnerships

Suzanne Harlow is the Director of School Partnerships at The Virtual High School (VHS). She has more than 20 years of experience in project management, marketing communications, product development, sales, and customer relations. As VHS School Development Manager, Suzanne is responsible for customer satisfaction with VHS programs and services. She works directly with school administrators and the VHS sales and marketing teams to help manage school participation. Suzanne directly manages all key consortium accounts, conducting site visits and overseeing user group meetings as needed. She provides day-to-day support and mentoring for all VHS sales representatives and account managers. In addition, Suzanne works closely with The Virtual High School marketing team on public relations and marketing features. Suzanne has a BS in English Education and she began her career as an English teacher at the high school and middle school level communications.

Email: Suzanne Harlow or call: 978.450.0509.