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5 summer courses to take with VHS Learning in 2021

Angela McReynolds

Registration for summer VHS Learning courses is now open, and there are a wide range of 4- and 8-week options for students to earn school credit and explore new subjects. VHS Learning’s summer program offers over 35 courses entirely online so students are still able to hold summer jobs and other commitments while maintaining their academic goals. Core courses like algebra, biology, world history, English, etc. can be taken for credit recovery and most are also approved by the NCAA to meet athletic eligibility as students enter college.

Here are five summer courses to take in 2021:

  1. Mission to the International Space Station
    Students, or “cadets”, embark on a simulated mission to the International Space Station where they learn how to live, eat, sleep and work on the international lab as it orbits the Earth, and how it operates as a multi-national program. This 4-week elective is meant to generate interest in space science, inform students about the important work being done on the ISS, and provide a new perspective on Earth.
  2. Physical Education: Part 1 and Part 2
    Taking physical education courses during the summer allows students to free up time in their regular semester schedules for electives or AP courses. VHS Learning offers a two part physical education course that is split into two separate 4-week summer terms.
  3. College Prep: Writing the College Application Essay and Planning for College
    College preparation courses enable students to create a realistic plan for applying to and attending college. These two 4-week long summer college prep courses offered by VHS Learning are designed to guide students as they make big decisions about their future school plans.
  4. Digital Photography
    Summer break allows students more time to dedicate to their creative hobbies, including their arts interests. With this 4-week summer course, students are able to learn the basics of digital photography and editing photos. Students will develop an understanding of composition as they create their own digital photographs.
  5. CAD Part 1 and Part 2
    For students interested in STEM subjects and concepts, these VHS Learning summer CAD courses can be a fun and enriching opportunity to deepen engineering skills. Each 4-week course explores engineering drawing on an industry-level CAD software platform. These courses enable students to familiarize themselves with important technology and concepts, preparing them for college and careers in STEM.

Summer courses give students many options to relearn important concepts and explore topics of interest. Additional information and registration for VHS Learning summer courses is available at vhslearning.org/summer.