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Using Online Learning to Complement School Offerings

Julie Barrows

The traditional classroom has changed monumentally due to the implementation of continually evolving educational technologies. Over the past year in particular, schools have embraced the opportunities that online learning offers for students to deepen their learning and widen their scope of knowledge. With online learning, schools can provide greater customized educational options for students who are seeking to discover and expand upon their passions and interests.

Here are four ways schools benefit from online learning:

1.    Students are able to learn valuable life skills.

For students from smaller schools in particular, online courses offer an opportunity to learn how to create connections and adapt to the teaching and communication style of a completely new teacher. Students are also able to learn how to advocate for themselves by asking questions or requesting help. Furthermore, students develop critical time management skills when learning online.

2.    Shy students benefit from a level playing field.

In a physical classroom, some students struggle with shyness and prefer not to actively speak during class. Online courses give students an opportunity to interact and engage with class discussion in ways they’re more comfortable. For example, asynchronous learning levels the playing field for shy students by making them “equal participants” as their more outgoing peers.

3.    Offerings are predictable and structured.

VHS Learning courses are structured with a certain number of hours per week that a student is expected to complete, which is consistent between different course types such as standard or honors classes. Long-term projects are also broken down with a series of logical assignments and deadlines, providing students with a structure to help them maintain time management.

4.    Students are introduced to a worldwide audience.

In any small school, rural school, or even a small district, students typically share life experience and perspective with their local peers. With VHS Learning’s global classrooms, students are able to “meet” and interact with students from all around the world, creating opportunities to experience new cultures, perspectives, and life opportunities.


To successfully implement online learning that complements learning in the traditional classroom, schools have to fully commit to supporting and guiding students as they participate in their online courses. Schools will find that online learning affords them a tremendous amount of flexibility in offerings while giving students an opportunity to learn in a different environment and attain knowledge and skills they’ll carry with them going forward.