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VHS Learning courses in arts, world languages, English, social studies, and more allow students to work collaboratively, express themselves creatively, and think critically, as they gain new insights into topics of personal interest. From poetry writing to politics, students select courses that will broaden their understanding of the world and the human experience. VHS Learning global classrooms are rich, culturally diverse learning environments that prepare students for college, careers, and beyond.

"I'm at Quinnipiac, majoring in Game Design and minoring in Music. I am currently in a class called "Understanding Music". It's very easy after taking AP® Music Theory at VHS Learning. I talked to the professor who's in charge of all the music stuff, and asked if I should skip ahead in the music program. So he asked me questions like "Spell out a G minor chord. What's the key signature of Db major?" And I got all of his questions right except for one. I felt like a genius. He said I should skip Theory I and go right to Theory II next semester. So basically, because of everything I learned in AP® Music Theory, I get to skip ahead to Theory II in college. So thank you for teaching me!
P.S. The final exam in Understanding Music is to compose a 4-measure song. But my teacher noticed that I'm a genius and he told me that my final will be to compose a 24-measure song. But I'm not worried." - Drew Osik, St. Peter Marian High School

Sample 2017 AP® Test Scores in Humanities

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