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Dual Credit

Earn High School and College Credit*

We're excited to offer VHS Learning students college credit from Becker College for select VHS Learning courses.

For only $200 per course**, students can earn 3 colleges credits. Credits for these courses are transferable to colleges and universities throughout the nation.

Students interested in receiving college credit will receive more information upon enrolling in an eligible course.

Below is a list of VHS Learning courses eligible for dual credit.

VHS Learning Courses  Becker Equivalent Course
Statistics Honors MATH 2200 - Statistics
U.S. Government GOVT 1108 - American Government
U.S. History: 1754-1877 HIST 1308 - U.S. History I
U.S. History: 1877-Present HIST 1309 - U.S. History II
Pre-Calculus*** MATH 2001 - Pre-Calculus and Functions

*Students in California are not eligible to receive dual enrollment credit.
**This $200 fee is in addition to the enrollment fee.
***Please note Pre-Calculus is a full year course.

Students enrolled in these courses wishing to obtain college credit through Becker College should download and complete the form below and return it to VHS Learning.

Note: Enrollment has closed for courses for the 2020-2021 school year. Join our mailing list to be alerted when 2021-2022 registration opens for next school year.

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