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Customized Offerings

We hope your semester is off to a smooth start, but if not, we're here to help! Though our traditional semester and full-year courses have started, we can help address unique student needs, scheduling issues, teacher shortages and much more throughout the entire year with our customized solutions. 

Customized Courses

Let us design, manage and facilitate courses exclusively for your school. Design a customized learning experience for your students.

  • Incorporate our online courses using our trained, experienced VHS teachers to teach your students
  • Redesign VHS content to create your own honors, full-year or hybrid courses
  • Redesign VHS online courses to meet trimester schedules, summer school programs or winter sessions

Hosting Your Virtual Classrooms

If you have a curricula and an instructor ready to teach, use the VHS Learning Management System (LMS) to create your own blended classrooms!

  • Access powerful, collaborative tools and communications resources through our LMS
  • Receive training and 24/7 technical support for faculty and students
  • Streamline grading and evaluation of student progress

Customized Offering Packages

Enhance a customized offering or blended learning program through add-on solutions and support services including training and professional development for your faculty and administration.

Training & Hosting

  • Web-based training for your faculty on our online learning management system
  • Advanced strategies including collaboration tools and workflow management
  • Group or asynchronous training available (face to face or online)

Custom PD

  • Adapt our professional development courses to meet the needs of your school/district standards
  • Design focused learning modules for faculty that could be delivered across your schedule
  • Partner with VHS to create subject specific PD

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