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Custom Partnerships

VHS offers a range of custom solutions to meet the needs of all schools, districts, and students. We work closely with your staff and provide the educational resources needed to make an online and blended learning environment a reality in your community.

Customize Our Courses

VHS can design, manage, and facilitate courses exclusively for your students. Existing VHS courses can become blended or hybrid models, or be adapted for trimesters, summer school, or winter schedules. Utilize your own face-to-face teacher, or we can provide one of our highly-trained VHS instructors for you.

Host Your Virtual Classrooms

If you have curricula and an instructor ready to teach, use the VHS Learning Management System (LMS) to create your own blended classroom. The LMS will streamline your grading and evaluation processes. You’ll gain access to powerful, collaborative tools and communications resources; valuable training; and access to request technical support 24/7 with a response within 24 hours Monday through Friday for faculty and students.

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