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College and Career Readiness

Students have so many choices for where life takes them after high school. College. Careers. Service. Regardless of their next step, VHS Learning prepares students for life after high school by providing:

  • Rigorous, engaging courses to prepare for college-level curriculum, including 23 Advanced Placement® courses
  • Unique electives courses, such as Preveterinary Medicine and Engineering for Sustainable Energy that foster career interests. Career exploration is a focus of discussion in many VHS Learning classes, helping students identify career paths that align with their interests.
  • Collaborative work with other students in a diverse, multi-cultural classroom environment that supports global perspective
  • Opportunity to develop self-advocacy and communication skills as well as gain valuable experience around independence and persistence through participation in VHS classes.

VHS Learning's extensive catalog of elective courses exposes students to many possible career fields - Click here to learn how Marlee Roberts turned her VHS Learning elective into a career

"VHS Learning classes have helped tremendously to prepare me for college. I've learned how to figure things out on my own rather than having a teacher hold my hand the whole way. I've also learned how to manage my time better. Every high school student should take at least one online class before college." - Alexandra Johnson, VHS Learning Student


Please note: registration for 2019-2020 fall and full year classes is closed. Flexible credit recovery and spring semester classes are currently open for registration.

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