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The Classroom (Text-Only)

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Small Class Sizes
Students are enrolled in small classes averaging 21 students to 1 teacher which allows for peer interaction, personalized attention and substantive teacher feedback.

Qualified Teachers
All VHS Learning teachers have passed Online Teaching Methodologies (OTM), a graduate-level online course that focuses on strategies for building community, facilitating meaningful discussions, and providing insightful feedback in an online classroom. Our teachers are certified in their disciplines and average 15 years of teaching experience.

Interactive Learning
Interaction between students and student-teacher are critical to deeper learning. Our online classes include group projects, discussions, interactive lessons, and hands-on labs.

Flexible Curriculum
Students can complete their coursework any time of day while meeting weekly deadlines and due dates set by their instructors. Coursework is accessible anywhere students have internet access.

Diverse Classrooms
Classes consist of students from across the United States and around the world, creating the unique opportunity to work with a diverse group of their peers, challenge assumptions, and broaden their worldview.

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