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By: Xuan You

A guide for international teachers who are providing onsite support to students taking online classes

By: Stacy Young, Associate Dean of Faculty at VHS Learning

As you transition your students and yourself to the online environment, there are many aspects of teaching and learning that are easily adaptable.

By: Sharon Eretz

Nearly a year ago, I set off on a virtual journey into the past as I worked to create a course on Ancient J

By: John Englander



By: Storie Walsh

Abstract: At VHS Learning our vision is to prepare students to be successful in college, careers, and life, and that vision is best supported by building bridges, sharing resources, expanding l

Picture of Stacey Young

By: Stacey Young

Earlier this month, I had the wonderful opportunity to attend the CS for All Summit in Detroit, Michigan.

By: Lauren Dolinka

This year, our school decided to enroll all 8th grade students in an online Introduction to Jewish History course through the Online Judaic Studies Consortium.

By: Stacy Young

VHS Learning is excited to be partnering with Nanjing No13 school in China in an international blended classroom.

By: Lisa Micley

During the past year, I have had two opportunities to teach a Judaic studies course online.