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#CSforall: Our New Computer Science Initiative

Carol Ribeiro
Carol Ribeiro

Computer science (CS) is a necessary skill in our technology-based society, but unfortunately not all students are aware of the computer science options available to them. My high school computer science education helped me select my college major and define my career path. Now, through VHS Learning and the White House Computer Science for All initiative (#CSForAll), all high school students can have opportunities that lead to exciting career choices in computing.

Our new VHS Learning computing certificate program, announced during Computer Science Education Week 2016 (#CSEdWeek), and mentioned in the White House Fact Sheet, will encourage high school students across the US to become interested in computing and to better understand the career options available to them in CS and related fields. The program complements other recent VHS Learning computer science initiatives. In fall 2016, our non-profit organization launched AP® Computer Science Principles, an introductory college-level computer science course designed for all students in grades 10-12, not just those interested in STEM subjects. VHS Learning was among the first online providers in the United States to offer this College Board-approved course.

We’re pleased to build new partnerships and expand the ways in which we help students acquire critical thinking and problem solving skills through computer science. Through the White House #CSforAll initiative and our membership in the @CSforAll Consortium VHS is privileged to work with a dedicated group of people and organizations helping ensure all students regardless of their geography, gender, or economic circumstance, have access to computer science education.