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By: Angela McReynolds

Registration for summer VHS Learning courses is now open, and there are a wide range of 4- and 8-week options for students to earn school credit and explore new subjects.

By: Julie Barrows

2020 was a year of evolution for teaching, with the growth of full-time remote and hybrid learning, the development of new teaching methodologies and best practices, a shift in the ways teachers ca

By: Carol DeFuria

Each December, we look back and reflect upon all we have accomplished throughout the year. 2020 has truly been a year like no other.

By: Carol DeFuria

Engaging students in their education, giving them timely and appropriate feedback on their work, and making them feel like valued members of a learning community is hard enough to pull off in a reg

By: Julie Barrows

The traditional classroom has changed monumentally due to the implementation of continually evolving educational technologies.

By: VHS Learning

This year, our new and enhanced courses span a variety of disciplines, including world language, language arts, business, and science.

By: Julie Barrows

Roughly 466 million people worldwide––34 million of whom are children––are deaf.

By: Amy Michalowski

With COVID-19 shifting many students to remote learning, parents and guardians have had to take on a larger role in monitoring and supporting education.

By: Stacy Young, Associate Dean of Faculty at VHS Learning

More and more students are coming to us with virtual learning experience.

By: Julie Barrows

When done well, online learning can be highly successful—providing rich and rigorous instruction while opening the door to new learning opportunities that students might not have otherwise.