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Back to School Safety: Starting Secure Habits

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In a world where we rely heavily on technology, setting good habits can never start too early. Start the year by sharing standard safety tips with your students to help keep their technology and information secure.

  1. The best thing you can do to keep your information safe is to create strong passwords and change them regularly! Download 7 Tips for Secure Passwords here.

  2. Don’t automatically save your passwords in your web browser (we know it’s tempting).

  3. Always lock your screen or sign off when your device is not in use.

  4. Never leave your device unattended in a public place.

  5. Never send a login and a password through email. If you must share (for instance with Tech Support), call someone on the phone.

  6. Keep your anti-virus software and operating systems up to date.


Bonus: While these tips are not directly related to education, they can still have an impact on the security of your information and other people connected to you:

  1. Never post anything to social media if you’re not comfortable with everyone seeing—parents, teachers, college admissions, future employers, etc. 

  2. Avoid doing any sensitive work on a public Wi-Fi, like online banking.

  3. Before entering personal information, check that the website is reputable and starts with "https." The "s" indicates secure. 

  4. Never share credit card numbers or social security numbers in email.

  5. Back up your data to the Cloud or external hard drive on a regular basis.

  6. Consider using encryption technologies on hard drives and files stored in the Cloud.


While the list can go on and get quite lengthy, it’s good practice to err on the side of caution and employ some, if not all, of these everyday tips to safeguard your information and identity. These habits can never start too early and will always serve you well in the future.