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Top 10 Benefits of Summer School Banner

Top 10 Benefits of Summer School

  1. Small class sizes taught by highly qualified instructors
  2. Planning for College (it's a real course and students actually sign up for it!)
  3. Summer Pre Calc = Fall Class Prep
  4. Multiple sessions so students CAN fit online learning into their summer schedule!
  5. Core courses for initial credit that counts toward graduation.
  6. Credit recovery options for students who need to stay on schedule to matriculate.
  7. Enrichment opportunities including college and career readiness courses - Criminology, Digital Photography, Neurological Disorders, Personal Finance, and Video Game Design
  8. It's the perfect time for students to sample independent learning without the constraints of a full semester course load.
  9. ANY of our summer courses can be tailored to meet schools' individual needs.
  10. Online Phys Ed - Locker-rooms not required!