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High School Students and Their Families Can Learn How Full-Time Virtual Education Can Work for Them at Massachusetts Mayflower Academy Virtual Open House Banner

High School Students and Their Families Can Learn How Full-Time Virtual Education Can Work for Them at Massachusetts Mayflower Academy Virtual Open House

Online Private School Invites the Public to Find Out How Students Benefit from More than 200 Courses, 20 Years of Online Instruction Expertise and Access to Global Classrooms 

On May 4, Massachusetts Mayflower Academy, a full-time online private high school offered through The Virtual High School (VHS Inc.), will hold a virtual open house for prospective students and their parents. The event will take place from 4-5 p.m. EDT. Interested families and students can register for the open house at http://go.thevhs.org/VirtualOpenHouse.

“Evaluating and selecting an online high school can be a challenging process, “said Carol Ribeiro, President and CEO of The Virtual High School.  “Families have many factors to consider when selecting the right school – including tuition, student support, and teacher qualifications.   Our virtual open house provides students and parents with an opportunity to dig deeper and learn how our unique collaborative approach prepares students for college and beyond.”

The topics that will be covered during the one-hour event include:

  • An overview of the ; its mission and beliefs
  • An overview of the school’s curriculum and approach
  • Information on the Learning Team providing support to each student
  • A sampling of discussions and assignments from various courses within the academy ’s learning management system
  • A look at a typical day for a student

The open house will also include a question and answer session so attendees can address any specific questions or concerns they may have.

Massachusetts Mayflower Academy offers more than 200 courses, including 23 College Board approved Advanced Placement® courses. This extensive catalog of courses enables students to take not only traditional core courses, but also a variety of interesting and unique electives such as Psychology of Crime and Sports and Society that pique student interest and keep them engaged.

“Our virtual education approach goes beyond meeting each student’s academic needs. By improving student independence, time management, and critical thinking skills, students develop the skills they’ll need in the real world,” said Ribeiro.  “In short, it’s a marvelous opportunity for students to prepare for college and careers and learn with peers in a global classroom environment.”

About Massachusetts Mayflower Academy

Massachusetts Mayflower Academy is a full-time online private high school based in Massachusetts. Students who are accepted and choose to enroll in Massachusetts Mayflower Academy will work to meet graduation requirements and earn their high school diploma. Massachusetts Mayflower Academy is a program of The Virtual High School (VHS), a non-profit organization providing online high school courses since 1996. The Virtual High School is fully accredited and courses are approved for NCAA initial eligibility. Students at the Massachusetts Mayflower Academy will enroll in VHS courses with students from across the United States and around the world. Over the past 20 years VHS has served thousands of students in schools around the world. Our teachers are highly trained, experienced classroom instructors who have completed best-in-class online professional development so they can teach students effectively online and meet their educational needs.  For more information, visit www.MassachusettsMayflowerAcademy.org or call (978) 897-1900.

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